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School/CompanyDepartment of Management - Universita' Ca' Foscari Venezia
Job TitleAssistant Professor (tenured)
AddressCannaregio 873, 30121
Job categoryAcademic
Career levelProfessor
Desired education levelDoctorate or PhD
Job typeFull-Time
Career Progressiontenure track
Job description

The Department of Management of Ca’ Foscari University has been awarded Dipartimento di Eccellenza (Department of Excellence) by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research on the basis of a project comprising the creation of a new area of development called Intelligenza Analitica per il Management (Analytics for Management).

The area is meant to investigate the ongoing digital transformation and its effects on individuals, organizations, institutions, and on the society more in general. The aim is to study this transformation as it unfolds, identifying the leverages organizations can use to improve their performance, and the challenges they need to tackle -especially on the side of ethics, responsibility and sustainability.

Some of the broad questions the area may investigate are:

What are the implications of digital transformation on individuals, organizations, institutions and society?

How does digital transformation help sustainability and the implementation of social development goals?

What are data valued? Can this value be assessed a-priory? How can we validate data-driven/AI models or policies?

What kind of organizational structures can favor the successful implementation of Smart Working?

What is the impact of IoT on operations and logistics?

What new relationship between production and consumption emerge from the Sharing Economy?

How does digital transformation support the development of new business models and innovation ecosystems?

What kind of governance structures can be designed to harness the innovation capabilities of digital collaboration and online communities?

How does digital transformation impact on corporate governance and corporate strategy?

How does it change the accounting information system and the management accounting system?

How does it change financial analytics, financial reporting and disclosure?

What are the implications of Big Data on production and on labor market competition, and how they affect firm behavior and organization?

What policy recommendations can be thought of to regulate the competitive dynamics and labor issues raised by the diffusion of platforms?

Within this perimeter, the ethical aspects of the digital transformation and its effects on organizations’ social impact and sustainability are the specific topics the area will focus on as distinctive competences.

Candidates must prove to have the competencies to significantly contribute to the discussion on these topics. Congruence with the scope of the area is the key selection parameter to evaluate a candidate’s profile.

While the focus of the investigation is precise, the scope of the disciplines to tap from is broad: the Department invites applications from scholars in any field related to Management Studies. The emended journal list provided by the Association of Business Schools (see the DMAN-ABS file here: ) can be used as the reference point to check how much a candidate’s research is in the domain of the current expression of interest.

The team appointed to carry on the project comprises one Full Professor (Francesco Rullani), one tenured Assistant Professor (Massimiliano Nuccio) and the new hiring object of this expression of interest. The team will be soon organized into a Research Center and is expected to produce high-quality research, targeted to the best international journals in the field and also able to fuel both a new teaching area and the relations with a series of stakeholders, from firms to no-profit organizations, from institutions to grassroot movements and citizens’ organizations.

In line with this, the selected candidate will be required to collaborate with the team to produce research within the area at the level of the best international journals in the field, to teach 90 hours (some courses may be outside the scope of this expression of interest) and fulfill other teaching obligations (e.g., thesis supervision), and to contribute to the enlargement, maintenance and improvement of the relations with the stakeholders of the new Research Center.

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Expiry date2020/02/16