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School/CompanyWU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
Job TitleFull Professor of Diversity and Gender in Management
AddressWelthandelsplatz 1
Job categoryAcademic
Career levelProfessor
Desired education levelDoctorate or PhD
Job typeFull-Time
Career ProgressionFull Professor
Salaryminimum gross yearly salary: €89,075.00
Job description

Full Professor of Diversity and Gender in Management
( 2024-01)

WU assesses performance in the context of each applicant’s biography and relative to the opportunities available to them. This approach recognizes that academic achievements cannot be assessed separately from each individual researchers’ biographical factors. To ensure equal opportunities, qualifications are evaluated relative to the applicant’s academic age. This means that WU takes biographical factors such as part-time employment or career interruptions due to caregiving or childcare obligations or other functions performed at or outside of a university into account.

In your application, you can include personal data related to biographical factors. WU will keep all data that you send us as part of your application confidential. All persons involved in the selection procedure are bound by obligations of secrecy.

In the Department of Management, we engage in research, teaching, executive education, and third mission activities. We strive towards excellent research at the highest level, and to contribute in exchanging knowledge internationally and nationally, within academia and with other actors in society. We ground our research and teaching mainly in management and organizational theory, and we appreciate a social science perspective. We value our common understanding of academia as a joint effort grounded in mutual respect and appreciate our constructive collaboration.


  1. Qualifications

As a research area, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in Management comprises a broad and, at the same time, highly differentiated composition of research that focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion in the context of work, organizations, and society. Historically it is based on research around women and gender equality in management and organizations. Within this broad range of topics and approaches, the current position is dedicated to work that takes a more structural approach, and is closely related to management and governance across all sectors. In particular, this includes work that analyses institutionalized systems of power, based upon intersectional effects of a broad range of factors, such as class or gender, and how they manifest in and across organizations; institutional and structural barriers to equity and equality across social groups and their effects on organizations and their members; the impact of occupational and organizational policies, practices, and discourses on dominant and marginalized groups that may lead to differential impact; the impact of group diversity on well-being and effectiveness at individual, group, and organizational levels of analysis; processes of change that create and foster inclusion, whether from external interventions or from individuals within groups or organizations; and the impact of cultural, societal, and national diversity on workers and the workplace.

The successful candidate is expected to have established an international reputation as a researcher as exemplified above, including gender-related work, and to have the following characteristics:

  1. A solid academic qualification (e.g. PhD, habilitation, or equivalent qualification) in management (highly advantageous), alternatively a closely related area;
  2. a proven track record of international experience;
  3. an outstanding international reputation for excellent research based on management and organization theories from a social science perspective in EDI;
  4. an excellent research record with regard to their academic age, especially by
    1. having demonstrated the ability to publish in top-tier journals of the field (especially advantageous also in journals from the WU star-list and the department’s A+ and A lists) and by
    2. regular participation in conferences and workshops of key relevance to the Department (e.g., Academy of Management, EGOS, EURAM);
  5. a record in successfully attracting research funding;
  6. excellent teaching qualifications at undergraduate and graduate levels as well as in executive education;
  7. a proven ability to teach in German and in English
  8. active participation in the international scientific community and a proven track record of serving the scientific community;
  9. proven team leadership qualities;
  10. proven gender and diversity management skills;
  11. well documented activities in the areas of self-governance and third mission.



  1. Expectations

We expect the successful candidate to teach at all levels of higher education and executive education at WU, both in classroom and in distance-learning. Full professors are expected to teach eight credit hours weekly at WU. We also want them to play an active role in the development and improvement of existing academic programs.

The successful candidate is expected to chair the Institute of Gender and Diversity at the Department of Management, to establish stakeholder relations in the field of EDI and to position the Institute as international knowledge hub for EDI issues covered by the profile of the Institute.

The new professor should also take an active role in the university’s self-governance and third mission activities and shares the department’s understanding of research, teaching, and collaboration. We expect a willingness to contribute to the future development of the Department of Management and appreciation of its structure, strategic outlook and collaborative culture (see

Overall, the successful candidate complements the department’s profile in research, teaching, and third mission. Especially in research, the candidate introduces new approaches to the overall portfolio of the department as well as connects with existing research foci.


  1. Application process

Applicants should address their applications and all relevant documents (including in any case a letter of motivation, academic CV, reference to the criteria specified in the call for applications) to the rector of WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Vienna and upload those on the link provided/ button below.

Please submit your application via WU’s online recruiting tool by May 1, 2024.


For details of the position, please contact the department head, Professor Renate Meyer, Department of Management, by phone: ++43-1-31336-4437, or email:

For details of the application process, please contact the Senior Faculty Recruitment team email:

Please note: Only applications uploaded via our online recruiting tool will be considered. In their application documents, applicants must respond to all criteria specified in the call for applications, especially to items A) Qualifications and B) Expectations. A reference to these two items is considered a mandatory element of any application to WU Vienna, and any applications that lack this mandatory element cannot be considered.

Apply URL
Expiry date2024/05/01